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Welcome to Aloha Farms food forest site!

The most important message we share here is that gardening becomes so much easier when you grow diverse types of food together in a forest-like setting, and allow nature to cover all of your soil with organic matter, rather than letting the soil be uncovered and bare.  Food forest gardening is much more attainable and more sustainable than mono-culture gardening (by mono-culture, we mean a whole field with only 1 crop on it).

Food Forests use very little water, no fertilizers or pesticides, and require no tilling.


Here we share a link to the Back to Eden Film that got us focused on covering our soil with organic material.  This is a film we’ve watched many times because it gives us so much hope and useful information.

 Please check it out at this link:



Here’s why we grow  food :

  1. Because the food we grow is delicious and nutritious.
  2. Because we don’t have to buy it from other sources, which saves resources and helps planet earth.
  3. Because we get to grow what we love to eat.
  4. Because working in the garden is good, fun exercise.
  5. Because being in nature makes us feel great.
  6. Because our small patch of earth has become a healthy home for many creatures great and small that all enjoy a healthy place to live.
  7. Because we experience great abundance – like when a single seed grows into a plant, which then grows flowers, which then grow to become fruits, and from each  fruit comes many more seeds!  You end up with more seeds, plus you’ve enjoyed the food as it has grown.
  8. Because we want to get so good at growing food that we are able to guide others to grow their own food.
  9. Because we can earn extra income from selling the food we grow locally.
  10.  Because we believe the earth would be a more peaceful, healthy place if more people all over the planet would join us in growing food forests. 
  • With that dream in mind, we created this website to share with you some ideas to create successful food forests, and some links to other sites that are very helpful.  We hope that you, your family and your friends will create food forests of your own – no matter how large or small!

Check out this YouTube video about Agroforestry, which is what we’re striving towards (even with our small piece of land):

What is a food forest?

Imagine a forest.  In your mind, envision the tall trees, the shorter under-story trees, the shrubs, the vines, and the low-growing ground covers, all growing successfully together.  Now imagine that every plant you see in the forest is growing delicious food for you to eat that also makes your body strong and healthy!  That’s a food forest!

Why a forest instead of crops in rows?

We don’t need to plow, fertilize, water, or apply pesticides to get a forest to grow.  It sustains itself, supports  a huge array of plant and animal life, cleans the air, and stimulates water to fall from the clouds. The various species that live in a forest keep each others’ populations healthy and in balance.   The floor of the forest regularly receives mulch from the dropped leaves and branches of the plants above. The mulch decomposes and feeds the soil-dwellers, whose waste feeds the plants, and on it goes.

Forests are perfect examples of how nature grows every kind of thriving plants without interference from man. 

Let’s imitate nature when we grow plants.

We hope you are inspired to create a food forest of your own – for your health and for the health of our shared planet.


Here’s a video that shows how we began to create our food forest:


 See you later 🙂


Aloha Farms