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Welcome to Aloha Farms food forest!

Roots Grow Fruits by Joe Ceraso

What is a food forest?

Imagine a forest of tall trees, shorter trees, bushes, vines, and creeping ground covers, all growing successfully together.  Now imagine that every plant you see in the forest is growing delicious food that you can reach out and pick.  You pick something and take a bite – it’s delicious so you eat some more.  You notice that it satisfies your hunger and begins to make your body feel strong and healthy!  You like it!  That’s a food forest combining forestry with agriculture.

Why a forest instead of crops in rows?

We don’t need to plow, fertilize, water, or apply pesticides to get a forest to grow.  It sustains itself, supports  a huge array of plant and animal life, cleans the air, and stimulates water to fall from the clouds. The various species that live in a forest keep each others’ populations healthy and in balance.   The floor of the forest regularly receives mulch from the dropped leaves and branches of the plants above. The mulch decomposes and feeds the soil-dwellers, whose waste feeds the plants, and on it goes.

Forests are perfect examples of how nature grows every kind of thriving plants without interference from man. 

Let’s imitate nature when we grow plants.

We learned so much from these two films:  

We highly recommend you watch these films!


Food Forests use very little water, no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and require no tilling to grow thriving plants.

Planting Original Orchard December 2011

December 2011 – Planting original orchard during rainy season in a field full of mowed weeds.


Orchard now, almost 5 years later September 2016

September 2016 – fruits, nuts, veggies, herbs growing.  Soil covered in wood chips from trees. No weeds 🙂

Grow food that is juicy and delicious, super-nutritious, and eat it freshly picked or use it in cooking!

Choose and grow your favorite fruits, nuts, veggies, and seeds!

Have great fun working in the garden, getting good exercise!

Be still and observe nature around you, as you take a walk in the garden!

Create a healthy patch of earth which becomes a healthy home for many creatures great and small to enjoy life!

Experience great abundance – Plant 1 seed and get 1000 more seeds in return!

Feed yourself and have extra to freely share with others!

Earn extra income from selling the food to a thankful community!

Have garden parties to celebrate!

We hope the earth will grow more peaceful and healthy when people all over the planet join together in growing food forests. 

Please feel free to explore this site, where you will find ideas to help you create your own successful food forest, and links to other sites that are very helpful.  We hope that you, your family and your friends will create food forests of your own – no matter how large or small –for your family’s health and for the health of our shared planet Earth.


Here’s a video that shows how we began to create our food forest – This is not the only correct way to go about creating a food forest, but this is how we ended up getting from weed field to food forest.  In the beginning, we had to bring in wood chips, but now as we prune our trees, we are chipping our own mulch. Yay!


Feel free to check out the rest of the site for more about food forest growing!