You Can Catch Rainwater in a Rolling Cooler!

Aloha Friends!

Rainy days have come to Southern California again and we have yet to setup rain barrels for catching run off on the back of the house.  By chance, during a recent rain, we happened to have this cooler sitting out on the patio, and decided to open it up and let it catch the run off from the house. 


We just opened the lid on this rolling cooler, and wheeled it into place so it could collect rainwater.


It gets too heavy to move when full, so we drained a few gallons of water into gallon jugs, using the drain valve. Easy!


Once it was light enough to roll, we rolled it out into the forest to drain the remaining water straight into the ground!  So easy 🙂


Here you can see the water draining into the ground.   You can open the drain valve and let it release water wherever its needed, and then close it and move it to another spot,  or you can leave the valve open and roll it along, releasing water as you go.  Another idea would be to fit a hose onto the drain valve (if you had the correct size hose or fitting), and then you could conduct the water into the ground using the hose to direct it.


Just throwing that out there in case someone finds it helpful 🙂


Wishing You Peace, Abundance, and Aloha!