Thanks, Alligator Lizards!

Aloha Friend!

We have even more good news!!!

Mother nature brought us another perfect creature to help us in the food forest!

Yesterday when we saw an alligator lizard running away from Papa’s hose water,  I decided to search online to learn what they like to eat.

Fortunately, they have been helping us balance the population of invertebrate insects by eating up as many ants, snails, grasshoppers, scorpions, spiders, centipedes, and sowbugs as they can hold!  They even eat small rodents and other lizards.

Fortunately, they eat them dead or alive, because without these garden helpers, we would have a lot more bugs and dead carcasses to deal with in the garden.

Then, unfortunately, we would want to go and buy bug spray.

But fortunately, we don’t have to 🙂

I’m so thankful for the Alligator Lizard’s service to the food forest that I decided to write a thank-you note to the alligator lizards of the world.  Here it is:


Dear Alligator Lizards of the World,

Thank you for eating the many dead and alive insects and rodents small creatures that you’ve eaten.

You keep their populations in balance, and you do it all on your own, with no help from us!

We love and appreciate you and will do our best to make our food forest a healthy, happy, place for you to enjoy life in peace and abundance.


Aloha to you and yours,

Tutu & Papa

Co-Creators of the food forest


Alligator Lizard - ready for lunch!
Alligator Lizard photo from San Diego Zoo website

So if you see an alligator lizard – or any kind of lizard – treasure it and be glad for its help.    🙂

Thanks for reading!


Aloha, Peace, and Abundance to You!


A coyote is the pride and joy of the garden!

Aloha Friend!

We always talked about finding a dog that would chase out rabbits, squirrels, and gophers.  Then one lucky day, Mother Nature brought us this perfect creature, who turned out to be everything we had hoped for in a dog and more.

Deer-dog resting in the sun
Deer-dog resting in the sun

Before we realized that this one single coyote had been quietly entering the food forest every evening, we noticed that the rabbits, squirrels and gophers had disappeared from the garden!

At first we didn’t know why the small garden gourmands no longer ate up all of our seedlings and fruit, but we were glad to be able to take down these protective (but unattractive) seedling fences and the protective netting from our fruit trees!  They were no longer needed 🙂


Aloha Farms food forest's Portable Garden Fence
Our Portable Garden Fences became unneccessary!

Once we realized that the deer-dog was responsible for pest control on the food forest, we were amazed and grateful for its presence.

We affectionately named it “Deer-dog” since it looks like a deer mixed with a dog and eats both vegetables and animals, and because of the double-entendre “Dear-dog” because we love it!

Here’s a video clip of deer-dog stalking an insect one evening recently.  It was a grasshopper or a cricket or something along those lines.


Let us count the ways we love our coyote, Deer-dog!

  1. It eats rabbits, squirrels, and gophers from our garden.  No more need to build separate fences around our seedlings or netting over our fruit trees!!
  2. Since the day it ate a crow,  the crows became afraid to come back to our garden!!
  3. It eats grasshoppers right out of the air!!
  4. It eats fruit that has fallen to the ground and begun to rot, thus keeping the grounds clean.  When nectarines and apricots fell to the ground, the deer-dog ate the fruit and spit the clean seeds back onto the ground!!
  5. It never appears during visits from our human guests!!
  6. It sleeps outside under a tree and guards the premises 24-7 for incoming animals that might otherwise be devouring the plants!!
  7. It requires no extra insurance from the homeowner’s insurance company, no city license, no pet food, no entertainment, and no visits to the vet!!
  8. It walks itself and it even practices yoga – we’ve seen it doing the “downward dog”!!
  9. It doesn’t wake us up in the morning and never needs to be let out of the house!!
  10. Its solid waste is comprised of natural ingredients and feeds the garden, so requires no clean up!!
  11. It takes care of itself if we go on vacation or a day trip!!

If a coyote comes into your garden, remember our story, treasure it and be glad for its help!






Don’t Water – Be Lazier – Feed Yourself – Have a Laugh – Thank You Paul Wheaton!

Aloha Friends!


Here’s a smart, funny permaculture talk, if you like that kind of thing.



Be even lazier!?   Ahhh


Feed yourself first?  Ahhh



Love mycelium, your tap rooted species, your nitrogen fixing species, your food producing species.


Hold your water on the land.



Get back to the Garden or Go Extinct!

Aloha Friends!

“This is an exciting time!!…  This is an opportunity to try!”  This is an opportunity to let go of the old belief systems of violence and war.  There was a garden when we got here, and if we understand it, there can be a garden when we leave here.  And if we leave it as a garden, there will be others left behind to share that garden.”

 These are some exciting words you will hear in this video, along with so many more.  This is a video you could watch multiple times and keep learning from it.

Please enjoy Bruce Lipton as he shares his amazing insights into today’s world:

Let’s All Join as a Collective Community in  Peace, Love, Abundance and Aloha!

We’re all connected and we can create a Heaven on Earth!

Expand into new healthy ways of meeting our needs, appreciate and care for earth’s bodies of water and sacred atmosphere of air to breathe.  

Will You Join Many Souls in Learning to Share Love All Around, Overlooking Minor Disagreements and Focusing on Solutions?

I will and I hope you will too!

Aloha to You!