Forest Gardening for Snowy Climates – please meet Sepp Holzer of the Krameterhof

Aloha All,


A reader just asked about forest gardening in snowy climates, and I realized that I overlooked linking this site to this amazing creator of forest gardening processes in the snowy mountains:  Sepp Holzer!!!


We love to watch all of the videos on his work repeatedly because we learn so much from them every time!  Truly, Sepp first inspired us create our garden using food forest growing concepts.  Because he grows a food forest on the top of a snowy mountain, we can’t use all of his ideas in our climate, but many of his processes are useful in any forest gardening situation.


Sepp’s fascinating work has greatly influenced not only us, but the entire planet, and I’m honored to be able to introduce you to him!  He grew up gardening on this mountain Krameterhof, planting his first seeds at age 5.  You will be amazed at what he has achieved over a lifetime.  Now his son is running the Krameterhof, and in this YouTube video, his son Josef explains many of their processes.  Also, you can learn more if you visit .





Best wishes, and happy exploring…


Aloha 🙂