Life in Syntropy

Aloha Friends!

Life in Syntropy is the opposite of Life in Entropy!

“As noted by Viterbo, syntropy is “the tendency towards energy concentration, order, organization and life” ( In contradistinction to “entropy,” syntropy is a result of retrocausality leading to persistent and more complex organization.” – from Wikipedia

Anyway, this is the way to make the planet better instead of worse!

I love this movie featuring a man named Ernst Gotsch who shows the way!



How fun is that?

Peace and Abundance to you!



Author: Tutu Sainz

We are a couple of urban food foresters on 1/2 acre in the San Diego County area. We love our food forest, it feels like a garden of eden and it's always fun to work here and eat the food we grow, and to walk around and look at the beautiful plants and trees that are growing here. We believe food forests are the key to abundance for everyone everywhere!

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