Stories from the Food Forest

Lemony Fresh Laundry Water Re-Used in the Garden!

Aloha Friends!


Here’s an earth-friendly way to wash your clothes and re-use the laundry water in your garden!


Wishing You Peace, Abundance, and Aloha!!!




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Don’t Water – Be Lazier – Feed Yourself – Have a Laugh – Thank You Paul Wheaton!

Aloha Friends!


Here’s a smart, funny permaculture talk, if you like that kind of thing.



Be even lazier!?   Ahhh


Feed yourself first?  Ahhh



Love mycelium, your tap rooted species, your nitrogen fixing species, your food producing species.


Hold your water on the land.



Get back to the Garden or Go Extinct!

Aloha Friends!

“This is an exciting time!!…  This is an opportunity to try!”  This is an opportunity to let go of the old belief systems of violence and war.  There was a garden when we got here, and if we understand it, there can be a garden when we leave here.  And if we leave it as a garden, there will be others left behind to share that garden.”

 These are some exciting words you will hear in this video, along with so many more.  This is a video you could watch multiple times and keep learning from it.

Please enjoy Bruce Lipton as he shares his amazing insights into today’s world:

Let’s All Join as a Collective Community in  Peace, Love, Abundance and Aloha!

We’re all connected and we can create a Heaven on Earth!

Expand into new healthy ways of meeting our needs, appreciate and care for earth’s bodies of water and sacred atmosphere of air to breathe.  

Will You Join Many Souls in Learning to Share Love All Around, Overlooking Minor Disagreements and Focusing on Solutions?

I will and I hope you will too!

Aloha to You!


3 Things Cannot be Long Hidden: The Sun, The Moon, and The Truth

Aloha Friends!


Great news – here’s some more truth!




Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Wishing you Peace, Love, and Aloha!!!





Permaculture Home Building!

Aloha Friends,


Check out this uplifting and hopeful video, which shows a low-cost way to create beautiful homes.

Imagine what an exciting game-changer this could be! 

Homes for all!!!




Geoff Lawton’s Zaytuna Farm Tour Video Provides a Peek into Paradise!

Aloha Friends!

By watching the video below, you can be with permaculture master Geoff Lawton as he leads us into the peaceful, abundant future we could all share on planet Earth!

In this must-see video, he shows how the inhabitants of Zaytuna Farm live in an abundant, peaceful, earthly paradise that they designed and created!

Not only has Geoff demonstrated once again how to work in harmony with plants and animals to create quick abundance for all, but he also shows the way to work collectively and peacefully with other human beings to complete the circle of abundance.

Some highlights in this video include:

  • harvest and save water  
  • Use gravity to irrigate slopes, create ponds, dams, and a rice-patty.
  • Use dribbler pipes and swivel pipes.
  • How they garden on a floating garden raft in a pond
  • How Muscovie Ducks add fertilizer to the water that flows to water the plants.
  • How Turkeys and Cattle enjoy life while adding benefits to the ecosystem.
  • Anaerobic bacteria releasing iron oxide on the surface of run-off water.
  • recycle and re-purpose old things for new uses
  • create quick kitchen gardens
  • fertilize naturally
  • live off-grid
  • Geoff’s perspective about “Designed-Disturbance”, which explains how sometimes permaculture design requires us to disturb the surface of the earth to direct and capture water
  • How chickens like to work as minor disturbers, helping create food forests and how they enclose chickens with fencing and move the chickens throughout the food forests.
  • See a favorite hand tool called a rice-knife that they use to cut, chop-and-drop.
  • See gardens, food forests, interns working,
  • See plant-nurseries, the children’s nursery, worm farms, composting systems.
  • See unusual yet wonderful crops that are easy to grow.
  • Hear how they disfavor plants they don’t want and favor the plants they do want.
  • See a fun, unscripted scene featuring Geoff’s dog Possum, who rounds up and captures a wayward chicken and waits for Geoff to come pick it up and put it back into the coop where it belongs!
  • Hear Geoff’s straightforward advice on how to choose land for your permaculture system.
  • Tips on earth works, using a cover crop of japanese millet and cow pea covers bare earth that was dug only two months earlier. 
  • Observe how the plants perform and respond to more and less fertile areas of the landscape.
  • He finishes by walking through a natural forest, where he loves to visit and observe.
  • Plus you get to enjoy Geoff’s pleasant personality throughout the video.

Check it out for yourself 🙂


Green Gold – Documentary by John d. Liu


Aloha Friends!


Here’s another great class in Permaculture!


Thank you John D Liu for inspiring and educating us, a new world of natural growers here on our Beautiful Shared Earth!



Greening the Desert with Geoff Lawton – We Can Fix All The World’s Problems in a Garden!!!!


Aloha Friends,

We  truly can fix all the world’s problems in a garden!!!!

Please enjoy this video from our most respected and  beloved permaculture voice in the world today – Geoff Lawton.


If you don’t know him yet, you’ll be glad to meet him and the people he works with – who speak for the soil, for the earth, and for the future of our beautiful shared planet!


Sending You Peace, Love, Abundance, and Aloha!!!

Replace Weeds with Seeds

Aloha Everyone,

The official start of Spring is just days away, and gorgeous healthy weeds are popping up everywhere.  We have dandelions, thistles, spurge, mares tails and a wide variety of other  volunteers that I can’t even name growing right up through the mulch!
What I’ve come to love about these volunteers is that they are really here to help. They get the garden started where nothing is growing, creating healthy nitrogen-rich leaves, and  breaking up heavy clay soil with their roots!  See here how useful these gardening allies are for creating crumble, friable soil where once we had dense clay!  
I’ve been enjoying time in the garden, listening to the birds sing, breathing in the fresh air and getting exercise as I pull up weeds and drop seeds or small seedlings in the holes left behind, burying the seeds or seedlings back up and then tearing up the leaves and dropping them for mulch. I give some of the dandelions leaves to the turkeys too – they are very fond of eating dandelions!
I’ve been planting lots of corn seeds because I still have a huge bag of corn seeds left over from last years crop, even after we ate a lot of fresh corn, froze some, and popped some. This year, I hope we can sell some too!
Well that’s our post for today – when you pull out weeds, replace them with seeds (or seedlings) of your preference!

Break off the flowers and seed pods from the weeds for disposal before you drop the leaves back on the ground, if you wish to prevent more weeds from self-propagating.


The Secret Underground World of Food Forests

Aloha Friends!

Please enjoy this video featuring Paul Stamets, a truly revolutionary man who is dedicated to teaching the world about the Mysterious World of Mushrooms and how they affect food forests. 

He makes this subject exciting and compelling and you will be so grateful you got a chance to hear him speak.




Peace, Abundance, and Aloha to You!

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