Thanks, Alligator Lizards!

Aloha Friend!

We have even more good news!!!

Mother nature brought us another perfect creature to help us in the food forest!

Yesterday when we saw an alligator lizard running away from Papa’s hose water,  I decided to search online to learn what they like to eat.

Fortunately, they have been helping us balance the population of invertebrate insects by eating up as many ants, snails, grasshoppers, scorpions, spiders, centipedes, and sowbugs as they can hold!  They even eat small rodents and other lizards.

Fortunately, they eat them dead or alive, because without these garden helpers, we would have a lot more bugs and dead carcasses to deal with in the garden.

Then, unfortunately, we would want to go and buy bug spray.

But fortunately, we don’t have to 🙂

I’m so thankful for the Alligator Lizard’s service to the food forest that I decided to write a thank-you note to the alligator lizards of the world.  Here it is:


Dear Alligator Lizards of the World,

Thank you for eating the many dead and alive insects and rodents small creatures that you’ve eaten.

You keep their populations in balance, and you do it all on your own, with no help from us!

We love and appreciate you and will do our best to make our food forest a healthy, happy, place for you to enjoy life in peace and abundance.


Aloha to you and yours,

Tutu & Papa

Co-Creators of the food forest


Alligator Lizard - ready for lunch!
Alligator Lizard photo from San Diego Zoo website

So if you see an alligator lizard – or any kind of lizard – treasure it and be glad for its help.    🙂

Thanks for reading!


Aloha, Peace, and Abundance to You!


Author: Tutu Sainz

We are a couple of urban food foresters on 1/2 acre in the San Diego County area. We love our food forest, it feels like a garden of eden and it's always fun to work here and eat the food we grow, and to walk around and look at the beautiful plants and trees that are growing here. We believe food forests are the key to abundance for everyone everywhere!

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